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Acoustic Dance Music & Breathwork

Welcome to my homepage!

I am a musician and breath-trainer, playing organic trance music with my Didgeridoo, Cajon, Percussion and Aquadrum.

For two hours non-stop, I will take you on a musical journey designed to make you dance and enter a state of trance.

My unique blend of instruments creates a sound that is both earthy and otherworldly,

as if you are being transported to a different realm.

Whether you are looking to dance, breathe, or simply enjoy the sounds,

my music is sure to delight and enchant you.

So come, let's dance together in a state of trance!

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Thanks Christine and Peter for sponsoring me during hard times.

Thanks Dubravko & Danka Lapaine for lessons and didgeridoos

Thanks Eckermann Drums for the frame drums.

Thanks Didgeridoo Art for the didgeridoos.

Thanks Deniz Gungor for Aquadrum Pro 11

Thanks Tomé and Melli for the pictures.

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The Day After...

I've never experienced anything like it before. First you blew my brain away, then opened my heart. It healed something in me. The rest of the day I felt good and I stopped taking drugs. 

Anonymous, Fractalia Festival (Germany, 2019)

Something changed in my brain. I stopped thinking, just danced and felt. It´s fully grounding me and goes into my root chakra. 

Susanne S. (Austria, 2020)

It was the best concert in my life. Seriously.

Anonymous, Colourful Tribe Gathering  (Germany, 2019)

So you can cut hair, cook and put people in ecstasy? That's awesome! 

Markus K., Ancient Trance Festival (Germany, 2019)

It’s hard to describe such a wonderful experience in words. the frequencies and the beat of the music were really going through my body and in combination with the dancing I could really tap in and release. In this experience I felt like my ego just died for a bit and I could really experience ultimat bliss of just being me. After this session I understood the word “sound healing”. If you have the change definitely go to Domink, and let loose. 

Eefje, (Monchique, Portugal 2022)

An incredibly intense sound that addresses archaic areas of our subconscious, reminiscent of the shamanic rituals of indigenous peoples and offers liberating relaxation from the stress of everyday action spaces through trance-like effect! Unbelievable!
An artist who is unparalleled in his profession!

Peter (Austria, 2022)

I've never felt like this before.

You sent me on the journey of my life.

Shirin, Joyfool Cerebration (Austria, 2022)

Where does he get the breath from? 

Many people, everywhere...

Unique music from a unique musician! Creates goosebumps with every change of rhythm. Sit still while listening excluded!

Tobias (Austria, 2022)

Dear Dominik, you are a master of your craft! I have never seen/heard how someone can produce such versatile sounds on multiple didgeridoos, cajon, etc. Your rhythm is infectious, it's impossible to escape it. What I find especially beautiful is that this music does not come out of a can, but is made directly by man. It reproduces heartbeat and breathing, and without pause - like a healthy, strong organism.  I could listen for hours, the brain is free of thoughts, everything in me can relax. Thank you!

Chrsitine (Austria, 2022)

That's really cool. Sounds a bit like I imagine the sound of the universe. 

Anna G., New Healing Festival (Germany, 2021)

When you started playing, I knew I had to dance. I danced and felt that you feel me and that you are playing what I feel. I looked around and saw in the other faces that they all felt the same and suddenly we were all one. 

Nieves A.M (Switzerland, 2019)

Oh my gosh! I have not been in so much pain my whole life - the blisters were the size of plums on the bottom of my feet! Lost in a trance I didn't notice until it was too late.. But I also have never been in such a beautiful state of mind and body! The joy took me over! Never stop breathing Dominik! Love ya!

Kuki (Monchique, Portugal,  2022)

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